Our overall philosophy about executive search and recruiting: too expensive, a last resort for most, value and fees are way out of whack, few true "search practitioners" that actually know what they are doing. There has also been a disintermediation in the recruiting business. With linkedin, facebook and even just Google searching, most of our clients will agree they could find the person they are looking for... IF THEY HAD THE TIME. Which they don’t. The concept of a search firm having a proprietary database is also long gone.

We've decided to stray from the typical fee model. We work on an hourly basis similar to the lawyers, accountants, and other consulting resources all businesses use.  We conduct  the very same research, target list, name generation and candidate development as retained executive search. Yet our fees are for work performed and billed by the hour. A typical engagement costs thousands less than retained or contingency search.

We provide extensive reporting on the companies we are targeting, who we are calling, who we talked to and what they are saying about the searches and roles we present them. Full transparency is key to our success.